The DM Natural Diet

Wholesome horse feed for optimum health

Wholesome horse feed for optimum health

Your horse will look and feel like a million dollars on a well-balanced, natural diet. It’s the ideal horse feed for muscle tone, a shining coat, tough hooves and calm energy.

Why? Like all horses, your horse’s genetic evolution has produced a metabolism that thrives on raw, natural feeds.

You wouldn’t eat fast food every day, so why would you make your horse eat processed horse feed with cheap fillers, added sugar and salt, preservatives, colouring and artificial flavouring?

The DM Natural Diet is a wholesome horse feed system, very carefully designed to provide the essential nutrients your horse needs for energy, growth, body maintenance and repair.

All of Damien Natural Diets have a common philosophy, but each is carefully personalised to the individual horse, taking into account his/her living and work conditions.

On the DM Natural Diet, your horse will benefit from Damien Munro’s specialist qualifications as an Equine Herbalist and over 20 years of experience formulating horse feeds and treating horses with natural, holistic solutions.

Includes worming program with access to faecal testing, treatment advice and DM herbal anthelmintics.

How it works


Buy the DM Natural Diet for your horse directly through the DM Shop

Fill out all your horse’s details through Damien’s Natural Diet questionnaire Online


Receive your personalised DM Natural Diet via email


Diets reviewed seasonally & whenever requested




Damien has so much experience and knowledge, working with him is amazing.

I love herbal medicine and so do my horses!

Damien has been treating my horses with Accupuncture and Herbal Medicine for years to heal injuries and disease and improve the health and welling of my horses. We have had remarkable results in all areas of improving our horses health and wellbeing.

Keli Macrae


It has been such a treasure to find Damien and his herbal remedies that produce amazing results.

Damien is incredibly helpful whenever we have needed his advice and help! We have always sought to use natural therapies where possible to treat our horses and other livestock here on our farm.

Tim & Courtney Skerrett


I highly recommend Damien, for consultations, prescriptions, products

Damien's advice and expert knowledge of all things horse health and herbal is AMAZING, I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone with an open mind, who wants to find another way, and more in line with the horses natural instincts and way of life.

Jess Toniolo

Is the DM Natural Diet right for my horse?

The DM Natural Diet is the right feed for every horse! It’s wholesome and natural. If your horse is healthy and you’d like to provide them with the very best nutrition and preventative health, the DM Natural Diet is all you need.

If your horse has an illness, injury or you have some other concern, please head over to the DM Holistic Consultations page for more advice.


Is the DM Natural Diet expensive?

No! You’ll find it’s actually much cheaper than the regular processed, filler-filled horse feeds. You’re given the details of Damien’s naturally formulated herbal feed supplements as well as the details of other DM recommended suppliers of quality, natural feed supplements. Damien’s philosophy is one of sustainability, therefore Damien makes it a priority to source local products, supporting Australian farmers and lowering food miles.


What is included in the DM Natural Diet?

Each diet is formulated for your individual horses and is based on a combination of hay, chaff, all-natural energy feeds, proteins, oils and other natural supplements including some dried herbs. You’ll receive a chart outlining everything you need to do to put your horse on the fast-track to optimum health.


Sounds great! How do I get started?

Buy the DM Natural Diet, give all your horse’s details to Damien and receive  a customised, well-balanced, natural diet for your horse within a few days.


What if I need extra help?

Damien is always happy to talk. Feel free to call, text or email him