Peggy is my Chestnut Thoroughbred Mare so it’s not often she is perfect!  But right now, after struggling to heal a sarcoid on her off shoulder for some considerable time, she is perfect, as it is totally healed!

Sarcoids are ugly things and we’re often left wondering if sarcoids can be treated naturally and effectively.

For a long time I avoided taking photos of her on that side, as I didn’t want anyone to see the embarrassment an ugly sarcoid can cause. It’s like eating all the chocolate in the cupboard and pretending it never happened (surely it’s not just me that does this).

Sarcoid often begin looking like a wart and continue to develop in size. This one started like a wart and grew large quickly.


Some sarcoids  look like warts when they first appear so I treated her with the usual Thuja ointment  plus hydrogen peroxide,  BUT it kept growing bigger! Sarcoids can often be like a wild fire and once the get out of control, they can really take off and grow (often tripling in size) very quickly.

I caught up with Victoria to start a health program for Peggy in mid 2021 and at that stage I needed to deal with her hormonal imbalance & nervous system issues first (she is a Chestnut TB Mare afterall).

Further down the track Victoria & I discussed the growth which by now was considerably larger and it was decided to treat it as a sarcoid.  Victoria outlined her usual protocol for treating sarcoids and we decided to treat Peggy’s topically and maintain her on her constitutional herbal prescription which she still required.


Sarcoids vary in Size and require individual treatment.


This led to the development of my new topical oil treatment for sarcoids which is called Sarc-Oil and contains  a natural blend of Essential Oils (Thuja, Lemon, Tea Tree and a couple of secret ingredients) in a wheatgerm oil base.

The big advantage of this improved oil formula is that it works much more quickly than the original formula. I mean… FAST!

At the moment I’m also using it on one of my neighbour’s horses which has a massive sarcoid on a stifle which has been there for a very long time, and had not responded to a whole raft of other treatments.  It is quite astounding how this is reducing this really horrendous growth.  I am also using a systemic herbal prescription for this horse, as it is important to treat on the inside as well as the outside.

When we optimize natural nutrition at the same time, we are sure to have the best possible outcome.

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Peggy Looking Amazing on her Natural Diet (unwashed paddock condition)