DM Holistic Consultations

Prescription herbal remedies from a qualified horse herbalist

Prescription herbal remedies from a qualified horse herbalist

If your horse has an illness, injury or other condition, a DM Holistic Consultation can provide a prescription, herbal remedy, artfully hand-blended by master horse herbalist, Damien Munro.

With a Bach. App Sci. (Chin Med), Dip. in Animal Acupuncture and Equine Nutrition along with a Cert. Herbal Medicine and 20 years of experience treating horses, Damien is one of Australia’s most qualified, experienced and knowledgeable horse herbalists.

Damien practices classical herbal medicine, treating your horse holistically to return balance and harmony to its body. It’s all about treating your horse as an individual and stimulating their own powerful healing abilities.

Through a combination of photos, videos and discussions, Damien will prescribe & dispense an individualised, herbal prescription for your horse.

Your horse’s herbal extract remedy is hand-blended from carefully selected, premium, liquid herbal extracts (not dried herbs). Whenever possible, Damien uses herbs which are organic and Australian-grown.

Artisan-made, herbal oils, gels and balms can be recommended from the DM shop or individually prescribed.

Included in every DM Holistic Consultation is a complimentary, customised DM Natural Diet for the ongoing optimum health of your horse.

In working with Damien to treat your horse, you can expect a highly professional, thorough and individualised service from a highly regarded horse herbalist. Damien is always available to talk to you about your horse and any concerns you have concerning it.

How DM Holistic Consultations work

Step 1 gold

Buy your DM Holistic Consultation directly through the VF Shop

Step 2 gold

Expect to hear from Damien within 24 to 48 hours (weekdays)

Step 3 gold

Fill out all your horse’s detail on the questionnaire provided

Step 4 gold

Receive a treatment plan and a prescription via Australia Post (remedies are invoiced separately to this consultation)

Step 5 gold

Receive a complimentary DM Natural Diet

Step 6 gold

Damien will follow-up and check progress regularly for as long as needed

Worried about your horse?

Call Damien directly on 0439 800 343