Older horses, especially those with arthritis, feel the cold and this may show up as general stiffness or stiffness in some joints. For those that are still in work, they most likely warm out of this quite quickly, a benefit of correct work. Appropriate feeding and rugging is of major importance in assisting these horses to maintain mobility, and herbal remedies are an effective addition to good management.
The formula I designed for horses in this category is my Sustain Joint Formula which is made with Australian grown organic extracts of Rosehips, Chamomile, Celery, Juniper, and one secret herb.

The synergy of these herbs is the key to its efficacy, and as a liquid herbal extract liquid it is given orally, not put in the feed, so it goes straight into the bloodstream via the liver and doesn’t have to go through the gastro-intestinal tract. Most horses get to relish their herbs quickly, so much so that they open their mouths for them.

This formula alleviates symptoms and helps to prevent further degeneration, especially in conjunction with a VF Natural Diet. https://www.damienmunro.com/natural-horse-feed1/

To prevent joint wear and tear in performance horses and to maintain healthy joint and ligament function I designed my Guardian Joint Formula. This one is made with Australian grown organic extracts of Aloe Vera Gel, Guaiacum, Yarrow, Rosehips and one secret herb. https://www.damienmunro.com/product/guardian-joint-formula/

The synergy here is keeping the synovial fluid and membranes in the joints working at optimum efficiency as well as strengthening tendons and ligaments.

If it is necessary to provide pain relief for older horses there is no need to use “bute” with all it’s well known side effects, instead my Rejuvenate Devil’s Claw & Meadowsweet Formula works even better than Devil’s Claw on it’s own as the Meadowsweet is also anti-rheumatic. https://www.damienmunro.com/product/rejuvenate-devils-claw-meadowsweet-formula/

It’s important to seriously assess how well the joint products you use are working, and to be mindful of just how many products you are using and what the costs are. I like to keep things simple and cost effective, which is achieved with a customised VF Natural Diet and selected formulas or holistic prescriptions.

Horse Herbalist Consultations: https://www.damienmunro.com/horse-herbalist-consultations/