Belinda Palin from Marulan, NSW, writes …

My gelding Jester has had serious behavioural problems for several years, I consulted Victoria and she recommended treatment with Bach Flower Essences and selected Essential Oils, as she felt his problems were emotional and these remedies would work best for him.

Jester (also known as ‘Mr Grumpy Pants) did well on the flower essences and oils she prescribed. Jester usually had to be sedated before the farrier could approach him but now he is able to trim his hooves without sedation. He has also been to two horsemanship clinics and has gone from pushy towards me and aggressive towards others to not pushy with me and accepting others working with him. Jester still will not allow other people to approach him, but will lay his ears back and walk away now, but not attack.  But as long as I put his halter on, all is well, this is a huge improvement.

Victoria made up a mix of five different Bach Flower essences to specially suit Jester and they are very easy to give with a small dosage of only a few ml onto the tongue.

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