Cindy from Oberon in NSW contacted me last year to treat one of her precious Shire horses who had come down with Stringhalt.

Comet an 8-year-old 17.3 hand gelding was put onto clean pasture with his mates, and given his herbal medicine and special feed once a day by hand. “Within days of starting the herbal medicine I noticed an improvement, now you wouldn’t believe he even had stringhalt,” says Cindy. “He has made a full recovery and has been back in harness both single and pairs for a few months. Watching Comet shaft around is absolutely amazing considering he couldn’t step backward a year ago.”

Cindy was so impressed with Comet’s response to his herbal medicine, she then asked for help with one of her broodmares, Antigone, who had severe laminitis in both her hind hooves and had been at a vet hospital for months. The vets couldn’t offer any explanation as to the cause of her laminitis.

Fortunately, Cindy’s Mum was able to care for Annie where she received 10 weeks of my prescribed herbal treatment together with her customised VF Natural Diet. She was completely sound at the end of that program.

Annie received specialist shoeing and farrier care throughout her treatment which is extremely important when treating laminitis.

Antigone is in foal again now and is due in November and Cindy is pleased to say she is absolutely healthy with no signs of hoof stress, as she was concerned with the extra weight of the foal on her soundness.

“Without a doubt, I believe your advice and your herbal medicines made all the difference to the healing for both Comet and Antigone. They were content to take the medicine with no fuss.”a beautiful horse in a fieldFind out more about my herbal healing programs here …