We all love our ponies, whatever size they come in, and want them to be healthy, happy and performing well.

Here are some perfect ponies, in two very different sizes,  thriving on their VF Natural Diets.

Young Lachlan Campbell from Warrenbyane, Vic. with his divine Welsh pony mare Shanti have been having a wonderful time together competing in Horse Trials at their pony club.  Shanti is 14 years old and at 11.3 hands is punching above her size across country. Lachlan’s mother Andrea has been a client for many years and is a great advocate of my natural feeding programs to achieve a good balance between energy and condition, especially for ponies and young riders.

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In the bigger size are Maddie Shoesmith’s polo ponies from Strathalbyn, SA.  They have been having a great season with “Sparrow” recently winning champion tournament pony at the Strathalbyn Heritage Cup.


She is pictured here with Maddie but Sparrow is played by Tom Dalton-Morgan from the UK, who has been working with this gelding all season. He is an 8 year old Quarter Horse x Stock Horse bred by Maddie’s family.  This is his first full season and Maddie said he is looking superb on his natural diet.

All their ponies are maintained on their own versions of the VF Natural Diet together with many of my formulas and products including the first aid kit, which Maddie says is indispensable.

Pictured are two more of their ponies showing great form on the field.

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