blankAt times like this, it’s a no brainer to have a first aid kit on hand, one you can use for horses and their humans. Victoria Ferguson’s Just-in-Case Equine Herbal First Aid Kit is made from 100% human medicinal quality herbal extracts and oils and comes with a really handy laminated chart on how to take the vital signs and how to use the products.

There are eight VFformulas to treat every day problems like wounds, bruises, swellings, colic, scours, coughs and inflammations.

Maddie Shoesmith from Strathalbyn, S A, says this kit has saved them a lot of money, a lot of stress and saves valuable time when an emergency arises.

“That’s why it’s called first aid, really pointless posting a photo on Facebook and asking what to do, while you could have used that time to stop the bleeding, or whatever.  We have a large team of polo ponies, a few dressage horses and breed horses as well, and I have become more self reliant in caring for our horses, knowing I have quality products that work. Also Victoria is only a phone call away if I need extra help.”

Many horses and their owners live in the countryside, often hours from the nearest vet, and even those who live closer to town, are finding it increasingly difficult to find a vet to attend emergencies, especially after hours, let alone an experienced equine vet.

Therefore a sound knowledge of practical and herbal first aid can be of great benefit when deciding what your horse needs.  Fast and appropriate first aid usually prevents complications from setting in and results in faster and more complete healing.

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