Even though I get a lot of international requests for consultations, I usually refer them on to colleagues where possible, but when John Martyn contacted me from County Galway in Ireland, with his Irish Sport Horse filly foal, I was happy to help.

The filly was only 4 weeks old, the vet diagnosis was joint ill, but I treated her for radial nerve paralysis. John had not named her but I encouraged him to do so, so she was named Sprite.  We had some Irish luck as my herbal prescription sent from London arrived in Ireland within a matter of days.

More luck came in the form of herbs growing in John’s fields fields which I asked him to pick for Sprite and her dam, which they loved.  John also massaged a herbal oil prescription into Sprite’s shoulder.  After quite a short time she began to improve with the swelling reducing and she started weight bearing.

She was also growing at a terrific rate thanks to her wonderful mother, and after a month she decided she didn’t want her herbal medicine any more.  John decided to put them out into a small field near the stable, and gradually they progressed to a bigger field with another mare and foal.

The last report from John was that the foals were having a mighty time galloping about and playing together.  I am still hoping he will send me a video of them doing what they need to do to grow into healthy horses.

Pictured is the herb Clivers which Sprite and her mother really enjoyed.  It is a great lymphatic cleanser and was just one of the fresh herbs which helped to heal her along with her liquid herbal extract prescription.