Back in May last year Lynda Sells from Jimboomba Qld consulted me for help with her daughter Tatum’s  9 year old chestnut Thoroughbred gelding Possum.

Their vet had diagnosed a viral infection with highly elevated inflammatory markers and the blood test came back positive for Ross River Fever with a very high titre level of 5120.    He also had a severe degree of pastern dermatitis on all four of his lower legs.

Lynda was advised to consult me by a friend whose horse I had treated for Ross River Fever some time back and who had remained sound in work.

Possum was treated for a full blood cycle (3 months) to resolve all his symptoms of Ross River Fever and to significantly reduce the viral load.

He received my prescribed herbal medicine twice daily by oral syringe and his nutrition was a customized VF Natural Diet.

The prescription contained several potent anti-viral herbs specific for this virus as well as adaptogens which are immune modulators, liver detoxification herbs and nervous system support herbs.

In November Possum appeared to be fully recovered so he was sent to the trainers to bring him back into work gradually.  After a month away when he was on a commercial diet the trainer suspected he had gut ulcers.  He was scoped and found to have pyloric ulcers and was treated with the usual veterinary drugs for this condition until February when he returned home and was immediately put back on his VF Natural Diet.

In March Possum attended his first jump day and the following week he was wobbly in the back end.  The vet confirmed the RRF had returned with the exact same titre level. He was also re-scoped for ulcers which he still had and he was treated with vet drugs again.  The pastern dermatitis did not return.

Lynda observes “By this time the horse was sour and absolutely hated the sight of me because I was always shoving something down his throat.  In the past he was happy to take his herbal prescriptions but he didn’t like the vet meds.”

“I contacted Victoria who provided a new prescription to treat the RRF as well as the gut ulceration and of course he was on paddock rest again. The vet wanted to rescope for ulcers and this time I declined  I had spent over $1200 in ulcer treatments and he still had them so I just continued with his natural diet as well as his herbal prescriptions for three more months.”

“It is now 18 months since the original diagnosis and Possum has been back in work for 2 months and Tatum is riding again after having her baby which is wonderful.

“He is looking an absolute picture and we always look out for any signs that he may be slightly lethargic or stiff.  None so far!

“We understand that he will always have a level of virus in his system, last titre test 640 in June this year, but healing  from the inside out is the answer as well as maintaining his natural diet which I believe really helps his immune system and his overall health enormously.

Possum’s VF Natural Diet is comprised of Equi-Vital All Natural Feed Supplement (Rosehips, Seaweed, Brewer’s Yeast, Raw Wheat Germ, freshly crushed French White Millet), lucerne hay, oaten chaff, black sunflower seeds, cold pressed linseed oil and of course boiled barley which is perfect for Thoroughbred horses and soothing and healing to the gut.

A big thank you to Victoria as she has been a massive part of his recovery. “

Possum is so lucky he has such dedicated owners, most would have given up long ago, so it is heartening to see him looking in such wonderful condition and back in work.