Fabio’s Comfort Spray is very good value – 1 litre of concentrate for $44, which you dilute 50% with water to apply in a spray pack. This can be done with a fine spray over the body, and with a heavier spray on legs. So it works out at $22 for a litre.

The concentrate has Apple Cider Vinegar, plus Neem Oil and a splash of Citronella and Eucalyptus Essential Oils, all of which help to create a barrier on the horses’ coats. This reduces the number of bot fly eggs laid and bites by flies, mozzies and other biting insects.

Because the skin absorbs whatever is applied to it so easily, it really is a bad idea to keep on applying chemicals, as this all ends up making the liver work hard to detoxify the body. Also you can get it on your own skin without a worry in the world. Just two of the reasons why natural is best. And organic natural is even better!

Other products perfect for caring for your horse’s skin and hair in summer are the Artisan Skin Balm and Orlando’s Coconut & Lemon Myrtle Shampoo

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