A story about a beautiful horse called Eli, the herbs that returned him to health and made his devoted owners Debbie & Amber very happy.

Amber explains …

“After our beautiful horse Eli was diagnosed with Stringhalt and many hours of reading and researching about the long term effects of this debilitating condition, it became evident if I wanted to heal him and give him the best chance of a full recovery, I needed to boost his immune system, flush his body of toxins and have him in optimum health. I believed if I was going to be successful in achieving this, I needed to find a sustainable treatment that was as natural and organic as possible to eliminate any side effects. I have always believed in the healing power of natural herbs and knew I needed to find someone who had the knowledge and expertise in tailoring a program specific to Eli. One that not only incorporated his diet, but also promoted his physical and mental wellbeing….. That’s why I turned to Victoria Ferguson, which I am so glad I did because together with Victoria’s help, diligence and commitment, Eli has made a full recovery and has come back better than ever.”

Debbie Mackeown and her granddaughter Amber Mactaggart, from Newborough, Vic, first contacted me a year ago, to treat their 7 year old Thoroughbred eventer, Eli, for a very bad case of Stringhalt. As a young performance horse in good health, even though he was knuckling over on his fetlock joints behind, I told them I felt he would make a good recovery but I couldn’t give a time frame, as every horse is different. Eli is an off the track Thoroughbred whose competition name is Dash of Elegance which certainly suits him.

Debbie and Amber were totally committed in their care of Eli, sending me regular video updates and their observations of his progress, which is vital.

Eli was changed over to his customized VF Natural Diet and herbal prescriptions, given orally twice a day, which he loved. He improved very gradually over five months and was able to start light work in September last year. At this point Eli had a slight regression when he became uncharacteristically nervous so he was given a further month of herbal treatment while remaining on his return to work program.

This worked well and Amber was able to start galloping and jumping him again. He remains on his VF Natural Diet. They made a successful return to competition earlier this year and are pictured above at Tonimbuk One Star Event. Both Amber and Debbie reckon he is better than ever!

And now they can’t go anywhere, but Amber is keeping their fitness levels up at home, and I can hardly wait to see this popular duo back in the competition arena.



© Victoria Ferguson 22 April 2020