I am often asked what types of health problems can be treated with my equine herbal medicine.
The answer is just about everything !
To illustrate – at present I am treating a wide range of injuries and illnesses in every State of Australia.

  • As usual several cases of stringhalt, including pregnant mares.
  • Also as usual quite a few cases of gut ulceration associated with nervous behaviour.
  • Two joint infections, one in a harness horse, caused by injections into the joint, the other from an injury.
  • Two fractures, one in the pelvis and the other in the fetlock.
  • A young Warmblood filly with nerve paralysis in the shoulder, this condition is known as Sweeney.
  • A Thoroughbred foal with joint ill who is doing very well indeed, with high hopes for complete recovery.
  • A showjumper with a lameness attributed to a form of navicular disease, as an alternative to surgery.
  • A mystery lameness attributed to osteo-arthritis.
  • A polo pony mare with hormonal behaviour and Qld Itch.
  • A couple of cases of Cushing’s Disease, in the early stages.
  • Several respiratory infections, all chronic, including one which has not responded to anti-biotics.

Distance consulting is so easy these days, as I get photos and videos sent to my mobile phone instantly, which is extremely useful.
Watch this space for case histories on all these horses …..