Renee Staffleu from Linthorpe Qld has been a client for several years.  Recently she was in touch about one of her horses Leggo who had sustained a very deep cut to the neck which we both thought required stitches, but she was unable to get a vet to attend to him in time.

So we decided to disinfect with salty water, pack it with Manuka honey, and bandage to bring the edges of the wound together to facilitate the healing.

I sent an anti-microbial herbal prescription for Leggo to take orally and he progressed very well.

As the wound healed Renee switched from the honey to my Artisan Skin Balm, there was no infection and it has healed well with no proud flesh.  Luckily Leggo is a very good patient.

Very good work Renee – photos show progression in 5 weeks.


“Leggo got great relief from the balm and went from having a hole in his neck you could fit a golf ball in to closed right up in 3 weeks” Renee explains.

His Tetanus shots were up to date at the time of the injury.