As all horse owners know the most common injuries are wounds of various kinds – here’s how to deal with them effectively.

My Just-in-Case First Aid Kit will cost you less than one vet visit, as my clients are always telling me, and I am only a phone call away if you have this kit but need some extra advice.

Wounds range from minor cuts and abrasions to a more serious injury which requires veterinary attention including stitching. The first thing to do is to STOP THE BLEEDING. This can be done using a towel or even the shirt off your back, with pressure on the wound. As rapidly as possible apply Revitalise Calendula and Yarrow Formula (straight if you are really in a hurry) or diluted at about 15% extract in water). Yarrow is a styptic which will help to staunch blood flow. Calendula is needed for its highly antiseptic and disinfectant properties.

Once the bleeding has stopped, assess whether you can care for the wound yourself or whether it needs veterinary attention. Administer Rescue Remedy orally. Take some yourself as well! For wounds you are going to care for yourself, after stopping the bleeding, cleanse the wound further if needed by flushing with water then the Revitalise Calendula and Yarrow Formula. Pat dry with a paper towel. If bandaging is necessary apply Manuka honey on a panti-liner or nappy and bandage if necessary with adhesive bandage. If bandaging is not necessary apply my Artisan Skin Balm which can also be used under a bandage.

Any type of raw honey can be used – it doesn’t have to be Manuka but

It must be unpasteurized honey preferably bought from the bee keeper.

Ensure Tetanus injections are given within 24 hours if they are not up to date. Even if you decide to call the vet disinfecting the wound with the Revitalise Calendula and Yarrow Formula is the best action. I have often had vets compliment me on a good job of disinfection which they didn’t need to repeat!

For the first three to five days the most important thing to do is to prevent infection by regular cleansing with the Rejuvenate Formula followed by applications of raw honey and/or the Artisan Skin Balm. Once the wound starts to dry, just use the Artisan Skin Balm. Following these directions is the best way to prevent formation of proud flesh.

Long term clients, Gai & Warren Lowrey from Armidale, are huge fans of the Artisan Skin Balm. “We use it on every skin problem including deep wounds and would never be without it.”

“A clean wound will begin the process of healing immediately after the injury. Wounds that require stitching should be stitched as soon as possible after the injury so that the edges can be brought into direct contact with each other and must be clean. This is known as healing by primary intention. If the wound cannot heal this way, it must undergo the process of granulation, contraction and epithelial cell multiplication and migration. This is called healing by second intention. The formation of excessive granulation tissue (proud flesh) in wounds to the limbs also interferes with healing, as the epithelial cells cannot migrate over the proud flesh to create a new skin covering. If scarring occurs over or near a joint, the skin may be pulled so tight as to prevent proper joint movement.” (Veterinary Notes for Horse Owners).

To complete your first aid kit, you will need these practical items – digital thermometer, stethoscope, adhesive bandages, roll of gauze covered cotton padding, roll of extra long cotton wool, packet of panti-liners, packet of infant sized disposable nappies, set of 4 washable cotton pads, set of 4 polo bandages, disposable rubber gloves, paper towel, soap pump (for humans) and a pair of strong scissors.

My Just-in-Case First Aid Kits also come with a selection of oral syringes and medicine cups plus laminated instruction sheets including how to take the vital signs.

Be prepared, invest in your Just-in-Case first aid kit on my shop now and receive 10% off plus a complimentary bottle of Rescue Remedy. All herbal items and most other items if stored correctly will still be good for several years and the bonus is that they can also be used for humans and other animals.

© Victoria Ferguson 4 December 2019