blankI have a wonderful kit of soothing, healing and comforting herbal products that I use for myself all the time. I use the same products for the horses, cats, dogs and any other humans who may be in need of them too!

I can do this as they are all made from organic pure plant herbs, oils and gels, which are human medicinal quality.

So Fabio comes in from the paddock last night with bites on his neck, a small oozing wound on his near hind leg and his near front leg double its normal size from the knee to the fetlock and quite sore on it.

blankWhat to use? For the bites – Artisan Skin Balm. For the small wound on the near hind leg, I washed it with Revitalise Calendula & Yarrow to disinfect, then applied the Artisan Skin Balm. For the swollen, inflamed leg, I dosed him orally with Rejuvenate Devils Claw & Meadowsweet to provide an anti-inflammatory/pain relief, cold hosed the leg for 10 minutes, then applied Legend Restoration Gela mix of Comfrey and Witch Hazel in Aloe Vera Gel, which cools and pulls fluid back into the tissues.

This treatment worked quickly as any good first aid should, and within 3 days, Fabio’s small problems were all resolved.

In caring for our beloved horses it is a no brainer to have an emergency response plan in place. The new Just-In-Case Grab Bag is made up of a range of eight products that are essential for any herbal first aid kit. Each 100ml product is only $40 (minimum purchase three products). Read more & order your Just-In-Case First Aid Kit