Long time client Lorraine Dini from South Australia, has sent these very interesting before and after photos and case history about her new Standard bred gelding, Tommy.

“My new horse Tommy a 9-year-old Standardbred gelding arrived at my stables on the 27 June. He needed his teeth done, was hairy, in poor condition and suffering from ulcers that caused him to kick up at his belly when stressed, which was frequent. His droppings were constantly cowpat and even after all the veterinarian side of things were dealt with he still wasn’t picking up as quickly as I liked. He was on an off the shelf ulcer treatment that just wasn’t achieving the results needed.

So before discussing in detail with Victoria, I purchased one of her digestive health care formulas that did see a turn around in his condition in as little as 2 weeks.


However there was more to the story that was causing this horse to have gastric issues, so I thought the best thing to do was to have a consultation with Victoria – to cover all areas to support him physically and emotionally to become fully healthy.

The improvement took another few weeks and now his summer coat is absolutely glowing, his appetite has improved 100% and his droppings are finally starting to be of healthy consistency. All these thanks to his customised liquid herbal prescription that smells delicious and Tommy will take it happily, opening his mouth for it, as he likes the taste so much.”


Victoria comments “Tommy really needed herbal help with his nervous reactivity, a hangover from his racing days and once this started to settle, his digestive issues also resolved.” “I always include Bach Flower essences in with the liquid prescriptions and these are particularly effective in calming and strengthening the nervous system.”

Tommy’s VF Natural Diet comprises oaten hay ad-lib and two mixed feeds a day based on a generous amount of lucerne chaff, with flaky wheat bran, black sunflower seeds and a porridge made from whole barley with French white millet and linseeds plus my usual supplements and some peppermint leaf to settle gas.

Lorraine’s plans for Tommy are purely for pleasure but using dressage training along with natural horsemanship and then have a crack at some standard bred classes as he is such a handsome horse. His prescription herbal treatment will continue for another month and he will then be maintained on his VF Natural Diet.


©Victoria Ferguson Dip Herb Med