Being “shitty livered” is common terminology in the human world, but it just as real in the equine world.

These days any horse that is girthy, irritable, with picky appetite and abnormal manure,  is suspected of having gut ulcers, which is often the case.  In any event the liver AND the gut both need the benefit of healing herbs.

The role of the liver in equine and human health is huge.  The liver is the largest gland in the body, an important organ of the digestive system, and is also concerned directly or indirectly in all body functions.

The liver is the powerhouse of the body receiving blood rich in digested foods which it metabolises into cell nutrients.

The liver also plays the vital role of cleansing the blood of toxins such as drugs and poisons.  It has an amazing ability to regenerate itself and hepatic herbs stimulate and support this vitally important activity.

Liver damage is caused by toxins, poisons, drugs (such as “bute”), viral and bacterial infections and migrating worm larvae.

As horses don’t have a gall bladder like humans do, the liver continuously secretes bile into the stomach to promote digestion, as horses are genetically designed to consume roughage continuously.

The main cause of gastric/gut ulceration is the lack of access to adequate roughage for most of the time to protect the mucosal lining of the stomach from damage from the bile if no feed is in there, along with the fact that chewing of roughage promotes salivation which acts as a pH buffer.

The Liver Needs Herbal Help

As an equine herbalist I always select liver (hepatic) herbs in a prescription to heal gut ulceration.  My favourite is Organic Dandelion Whole Plant, grown in Tasmania and made into liquid extracts within hours of harvesting by the Pharmaceutical Plant Company, for practitioner access only.

All my prescriptions are made with human medicinal quality herbal extracts which are liquid for oral syringing. This method gets them into the bloodstream rapidly via the portal vein circulation to the LIVER, and they don’t have to go through the digestive tract, which is clearly a big advantage when the horse has compromised absorption in the gut because of ulcers.  Therefore using dried herbs in the feed to heal gut ulceration is ineffective, especially if the horse has a picky appetite.

There are five hepatic herbs I choose from to suit the individual horse, using their holistic assessment and symptoms to guide me.   These hepatic herbs are an essential part of classical herbal healing and assist the liver to return to normal function much more quickly than if left without support.

Ulcer Formulas with Liver Herbs

You can choose to have a consultation which provides holistic prescriptions plus a customised VF Natural Diet, or I can help you select a formula from my VF Pure Plant Herbal Market online store.

These unique formulas have been created from over 20 years of practical research and development, and blended from 100% pure plant premium quality herbal extracts.