This year 2017 marks 20 years since I started practising Equine Herbal Medicine. To celebrate – we are bringing you an info fest – case histories, blogs, product reviews and specials – to help you learn how I heal horses naturally.

First up – you will hear about an extraordinary story of recovery – then yet another from the same owner (Jodi Homer) here is the back story, in Jodi’s words:

Victoria & I crossed paths in April 2016 when my lovely Percheron X mare suffered a nasty injury to her hock .

A lifetime with horses had been rewarding, with my pony club mount “Berragoon Classic” taking me up to the old “Advanced” level horse trials, placing four times at Melbourne 3DE.

After babies of my own I took two lovely thoroughbreds through to 1* level and did Melbourne 3DE on those before devoting my life to carting kids around to pony club events in the horse truck.  

In 2014 I splashed out and purchased the 6yo “Junior” – very green, unbalanced and no brakes in the beginning. But we clicked and he looked like being a real dressage prospect for me to take through the ranks.

His story will be showcased in Victoria’s next blog – and as you will hear things did not go to plan. Whilst Junior was “out” and after a number of years, I purchased “Ballista” to fill the void. Things went from mediocre to terrible .

That’s when Victoria entered my life – her positive attitude and tremendous practical knowledge, is what brought my horses and I through to where we are today. I truly did not believe a good outcome for either was possible, with so many other “experts” telling me just that, it was easy to doubt the healing power of herbs and natural feeding.

BUT as you will read in the upcoming blogs, Victoria believed they would both be OK and even though at times I had doubt, and went through personal turmoil and many emotions through this time – she was constantly positive, and always there when I needed her, ultimately she was right!

Stay tuned for “Junior’s Story” coming up next week….