Sally Mills from Pine Mountain in Qld has been a client for many years.  Sally has bred some lovely Trakehner horses and her beautiful mare Scally delivered her first foal in text book style on 20th November.

Here is Scally just before foaling looking a picture of health on her VF Natural Diet which she has been on for many years.  Raspberry Leaf is added for broodmares for at least a month before foaling and continuing through until the foal is a few weeks old.  Being the highest plant source of Folic Acid, it aids conception, delivery and quick expulsion of the afterbirth.  It should also be included in the diet for broodmares for at least a month before being joined.

Scally was mated by live service to a multi Royal Show champion Thoroughbred stallion.  Henri was delivered by his mother all on their own with no problems of any kind.  The placenta came away perfectly and was very healthy and his digestive system started functioning as it should straight away.  Scally did not have any foal scours.

Sally observed Scally’s cycles carefully and took her to the stallion at just the right time and she conceived on the first service.  She did not receive any veterinary drugs to bring her into season.

This is the outcome anyone breeding a foal wants and it was all done nauturally, giving the foal the best start in life and keeping the mare in the best physical and emotional condition possible throughout.