Renee Staffleu writes from Queensland’s Darling Downs

blank“In April 2019 my 17.2hh Warmblood Gelding ‘Showman’ had his first vet treatment for what was first thought to be an eye ulcer. By July 2019, many weeks later, after a re-diagnosis of Uveitis and continued treatment he wasn’t showing any improvement. A friend had recommended I call Victoria to see if she could help. I was extremely concerned about the loss of sight which was highly likely.

Victoria provided a holistic assessment including nutrition. As a result of this she customised a herbal treatment program and VF Natural Diet, especially for my horse and his needs. After a month on his herbal prescription and eye wash which Victoria dispensed for him, he had a marked improvement. We had monthly reviews to check on progress and make any necessary adjustments to the prescribed herbal treatments.

Four months later the herbal treatment program is complete and Showman is maintained on his natural diet. His energy, metabolism and mobility have all improved markedly, allowing him to be more forward, and he is shining with health and is a beautiful happy horse. At our third event out ever, Showman won Reserve Champion and overall best combination. Thanks to Victoria and her knowledge of horses and herbs, this novice mum, with a weekend addiction for horses has been able to get her healthy, confident and happy horse back!”